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Information on sightseeing around the area

Highlights, plenty of places to go!

  • Tenryukyo

    Boarding arrangements are possible at discount.Please feel free to ask the front desk.
    • Tenryu River Boat Tour

      Forest bathing / sunbathing where you can enjoy nature to your heart's content while taking a splash.
      Voyage of about 35 minutes from Benten Port to the Tokimata Port.
      Fall that every season is rich in nature, autumn leaves are very beautiful.
      In the winter there is a Kotatsu Boat and Yukimi etc.

      About 5 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Tenryu Line descending

      About 20 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Tenryuoku Mikawa National Park

      Scarlet and yellow autumnal leaves shone between emerald green river and strange rocks, like paintings.
      A burning Daeda Zenzi is impressive at a promenade about 1 hour lap.
      Tenryu River descent, a walk around the guided person is also recommended.

      Autumn leaves hunting:【Best time to see】Early to late November
      About 20 minutes by car from the hotel
  • Iida city

    The grace of the mountain where good quality water and abundant nature fostered boasts of Minami Shinshu.Soba, pickles, Miso·soy sauce, And fruits.There are lots of mountainous-like foods such as carp dish and meat dish.
    There are still many Japanese confectionery stores in Iida, where the culture of tea and Japanese confectionery, which used to be called “Small Kyoto in Shinshu”, has taken root.
    It is not just food.Mizuhiki Craft, which accounts for 70% of the nation's production, is also a local specialty. There is also a facility where you can see and sell Mizuhiki Craft, which is said to be the beginning of Iida Motoyui, which also appears in Kabuki.
    • Moto Zenkoji

      Founder (of temple) Yoshimitsu Honda-ko Nagano Yoshimitsu Temple Birthplace of Founder (of temple) Yoshimitsu Honda-ko.
      It is called "Moto Zenkoji" as it was the first time that Moto Zenkoji Sono was.
      "Take a Moto Zenkoji once, I am alone with just Zenkoji, just Zenkoji" If you do not visit both Zenkoji Nagano and Moto Zenkoji Zenkoji, it is said that you are coming alone.
      The beauty of Satsuki is amazing as it is called Satsuki Temple.

      It is approximately 20 minutes by car from the hotel.
    • Kihachiro Kawamoto Puppet Museum

      Mr. Kihachiro Kawamoto, the foremost figure of the doll animation, also exhibited the dolls of "Sangoku-Shi" used in the NHK puppet theater and the doll of "The Heike Story".
    • Iida City Zoo

      It is a zoo Ringo Namiki (row of apple trees) of Ringo Namiki (row of apple trees) Iida City, Nagano Prefecture, Iida City, Nagano Prefecture.
      There are small animals such as Humboldt penguins and wallabies, but there are rare animals here only in the prefecture such as Andean Condor, Meerkat, American Beaver White Tanuki.
      Admission is free.
    • Iida city museum

      Built at Iida Castle Ruins, it is an art museum with a modern appearance that imaged the mountains of the Minami Alps.
      Introducing art, nature, history, folklore in Inadani, especially works by Iida Shunso Hishida
      It is holding and exhibiting.
      In the premises there is an old cherry tree called "Yasutomi Sakura" aged over 400 years old.
    • Ringo Namiki (row of apple trees)

      A tree-lined road that has been selected as Kaori Landscape 100 Selections best Japan's Top 100 Roads Kaori Landscape 100 Selections. Protected and raised for more than 60 years by students of Iida Higashi Junior High School.
      Apples flower in spring and fruity scent of red apples in autumn are felt.
    • Cherry Blossoms

      Omiya row of cherry blossom trees, Omi no Sato stage Sakura, Ishizuka Sakura, Oubai-in Temple cherry blossoms at Oubai-in Temple, Yasutomi Sakura, Seishu Sakura, Tenryu Gorge Cherry Blossom Kaido etc.
      【Best time to see】Early to mid April
      20 minutes by car from the hotel
      ※The blooming season is a Night cherry-blossom viewing bus service, please contact us
    • Suijinbashi Summer Fireworks Festival

      Fireworks display of Suijin Bridge in front of this facility.
      It is held every last Saturday of July every year.
      Tenryu Water System fireworks seen from the hotel are exceptional, such as a large bowl of up to 350m in the Tenryu Water System, a shakudama that rises high in the sky, and a number of gorgeous star mines.
      We are preparing a special accommodation plan on fireworks display day, so please use it.
    • Shimoguri no Sato

      Located at an altitude of 800m to 1000m, it is a superb view area that can be described as "Japanese Tyrol".
      Minami Alps magnificent scenery overlooking the Minami Alps was selected in 2009 as “Best 100 of Japanese Villages”.
      It is also a treasure trove of traditional vegetables and traditional culture.
    • Shirabiso Highland

      It is a recommended sightseeing spot as summer resort with altitude of 1,900 m.
      In addition to the Minami Alps spreading in front of the eyes, the plateau which can hope for the North Alps and Chuo Alps is said to be the Alps Observatory.
    • Shinshu Soba

      Shinshu, the birthplace of which soba spread all over the country.
      This Minami Shinshu has been attracted to good quality water, environment, soba has been eating since ancient times.
      A lot of buckwheat noodles compete in their arms.
      Each shop has its own taste.
      Is not it a pleasure looking for shops of your choice?
    • BBQ specialty store(Jibie)

      Iida City is also the city with the largest number of yakiniku restaurants per 10,000 people.
      Nagano Prefecture is one of the foremost animal husbandry areas, with water flowing from the Minami Alps and Chuo Alps and clean air making delicious meat.
      Cow, pig, chicken, as well as rich variety of jibiie.Variety of meat dishes can be enjoyed.
    • Ichida Persimmon

      The name of “Ichida Persimmon” is derived from the former Ichida Village, Shimoina County Takamori Town, Shimoina County (currently Takamori Town, Shimoina County).
      As the river fog is generated from the Tenryu River every morning from late autumn to winter, which is the drying period, the appropriate temperature and humidity are maintained, and Ichida Persimmon unique “moist, sticky” texture is created. It is said.
      "Persimmon goodwill" and "persimmon saliva" add a more beauty to the scenery of autumn leaves, and it is becoming a fallure of the autumn.
    • Japanese sweets of Iida

      In Iida, once called “Small Kyoto in Shinshu, ” the tea ceremony culture was nurtured, and the production of Japanese confectionery essential for tea ceremony became popular. A traditional Japanese sweets shop is erected in the central urban area which flourished as a castle town.
  • Achi Village·Komagane

    • Tsukishigawa Tsukikawa Onsen flower peach

      Hanamomo no Sato where the flowers of three colors of red, white and pink are in full bloom.About 1000 flower peaches can be seen.The best time to see from the end of April to the beginning of May.
      ※About 30 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Komagatake Ropeway

      To the world of clouds at a stroke by the ropeway constructed in Takayama at an altitude of 2,600 m!
      I will enjoy the scenery that I left of Japan.Please feel the nature that only some alpinists could taste.
    • Senjojiki Cirque

      Senjojiki Cirque, located at the end of the Komagatake Ropeway, has a flower field full of alpine plants.
      As I walk on the boardwalk, my eyes gaze at alpine plants that are blooming like jewelry boxes and forget about the time.
      ※40 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Heavens Sonohara

      It is approximately 40 minutes by car from the hotel.
      Achi Village is known as a beautiful village with Japan's starry sky certified by the Ministry of the Environment.
      Achi Village Fujimidai Plateau is a place where you can enjoy nature-rich scenery that changes from season to season, and various events are also held.

      ※“Tenku no Rakuen (Heavenly Paradise) Japan’s Biggest Starry Night Tour” is an online ticket (specified date and advance reservation required), so please make your own arrangements. Customers who participate in the night tour will have dinner starting at 17:00, so please contact us by phone or remarks when booking.
  • Fruit picking

    Minami Shinshu where the temperature difference of the day is fierce is a fine and delicious fruit heaven.You can enjoy fruit hunting throughout the year such as strawberries in spring, early summer - cherry in summer, blueberries, grapes, apples in autumn.
    • Strawberry Picking

      20 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Cherry Picking

      5 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Blueberry hunting

      20 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Grapes Picking

      20 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Apple hunting

      Harvest of early species of the Sansa Tsugaru is starting from around mid-August, raw seeds in such as Senshu, Jonagold in September, and into October and late varieties of Orin”, The main variety "Fuji" and the variety are relayed, and harvesting continues until late November.

      You can enjoy apple hunting until the end of November at the farm which is 3 minutes by car from the hotel (5 minutes on foot).
      Although it is close by walking, I think that it is heavy holding an apple on the way home, so please do by car.
  • Nakasendo, Station town (Tsumago-juku·Magome-juku)

    There is trekking to the Tsumago ~ Magome
    • Tsumago-juku (Nagiso Town)

      Tsumago-juku is the 42nd post town among the Nakasendo 69 Stations Tsumago-juku is still a bustling town with many tourists as a post town that still retains its historical features.
      Nakasendo, which connects Edo and Kyoto, was also called Kiso Kaido because it passes through the deep Kiso Trail.
      Tsumago-juku has been crowded since ancient times as a key hub for traffic that the Ina-kaido Road from Ina-kaido Road Inadani.We also have trekking from Tsumago to Magome Tsumago.
    • Magome-juku (Nakatsugawa City)

      Hometown Magome-juku of the great writer, Toson Shimazaki is, Nakasendo 69 Stations of 43 th post town, leaving the vestiges of the history now on the border of Shinshu Prefecture Mino Tokyo, crowded with many tourists as a post town The
      Kosatsuba of historical interest such as Kosatsuba, Magome Wakihonjin Shiryokan, Toson Memorial Museum (birthplace of Toson Shimazaki), Shimizuya Shiryokan, Masui etc.