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Chef's cuisine to taste seasonal ingredients every season

Without sticking to Japanese cuisine, it brings out the taste of Shinshu a fresh and fashionable way.
Having passion for plotting, as well as fashionable gems like French ...
Shinshu appetizers who gathered Shinshu's taste are also very popular and well received.
Please choose according to your preference.

Seasonal cuisine with various seasons you can choose according to your preference

※It is an example of dishes.The contents change according to the season.
  • dance (Mai)

    It is the basic meeting cuisine of the hotel which young service manager recommends confidently.
    We will prepare local ingredients and seasonal hot pots that change with the seasons.
    You can enjoy the seasonal taste of Shinshu no matter when you come for a menu that varies according to the season.
    Please enjoy the delicious seasonal dishes with pleasant eyes.
    (The picture is an example of your menu)
  • Aya (Irodori)

    The service manager also got to die! Minami Shinshu is a dish of grade-up that tastes Minami Shinshu.
    Teppan-yaki of the hotel's most popular, Marbled Black Wagyu is the main cuisine cuisine dish.

    The appetizer has the seasoning of Shinshu, the main is "Teppanyaki of Marbled Black Wagyu with mugglers" and "Shinshu Soba" by the service manager Daiko.
    The last deadline is a popular dish where I am served the Yoshino-tei special Rice flavored with tea broth set
    You can enjoy the cuisine where the skills of the chief chef glow mainly in the local ingredients!
  • Food only for autumn winter

  • One breakfast

    We are proudly offering a rich breakfast of Shinshu a colorful basket of baskets.
    When the stomach wakes up, when you eat miso soup of Shinshu Miso warmed in a pot!
    Yoshino-tei a Yoshino-tei lunch with Yoshino-tei's breakfast.


There are a variety of sake, beer and soft drinks
  • "Izutsu Wine" is also popular among Shinshu Wine

  • Yoshino-tei original shochu(potato, wheat)

  • Kikusui's Tributary Set