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Kaiseki cuisine with plenty of seafood, mountain delicacies, and rural delicacies

Kaiseki cuisine that incorporates seasonal ingredients from Shinshu.
Please enjoy the seasonal delicacies of Shinshu with a menu that changes with the seasons.

Various seasonal kaiseki cuisine

  • "Irodori cuisine

    Service manager Taiko! "Aya" cuisine.
    The main dishes are gravy juicy and teppanyaki grilled marbled Wagyu beef from Nagano Prefecture.
    Grill it on the iron plate in front of you and enjoy it while it's hot.
    There are also many colorful dishes such as four kinds of seafood.
    Please enjoy the cuisine that the chief chef's skill shines.
  • "Mai cuisine

    Basic kaiseki cuisine at this facility,"Mai" cuisine.
    We prepare hot pots using local ingredients that change with the seasons.
    One of the dishes at this facility is highly rated in reviews.
    Seasonal menus allow you to enjoy the seasonal flavors of Shinshu whenever you come.
  • Rich blessings of Shinshu Breakfast

    We offer a breakfast rich in the blessings of Shinshu, served in colorful baskets.
    When the stomach wakes up, when you eat miso soup of Shinshu Miso warmed in a pot!
    Yoshino-tei a Yoshino-tei lunch with Yoshino-tei's breakfast.
  • children's meals

    For children, we will prepare dishes similar to adults (with a few items) or kids meals.

Drinks of Shinshu, a place of sake

  • "Kikusui" sake tasting set 

    A set to compare three types of "Kikusui" from Kikusui Sake Brewery in Minami Shinshu.
    Sarukura Fountain(pure rice ginjo)/Kikusui(raw sake)/spicy(Honjozoshu)

    A gem made with the best sake-brewing rice from Nagano Prefecture, using the clear groundwater of the Chuo Alps for the preparation water.
    Please try it with your food.
  • Popular among Shinshu Wine"Izutsu Wine"

    We offer "Izutsu Wine", which is very popular among Shinshu Wine.

    The red wine is brewed from Merlot grapes cultivated and harvested in our own vineyards and contracted vineyards in Shiojiri City, Nagano Prefecture.
    A red wine that harmonizes the mellow tannins and richness of Merlot.
    red(spicy)/Alcohol content 13.5%

    The white wine is made from carefully selected Chardonnay grapes grown and harvested in our own vineyards and contracted vineyards.
    A wine with a good balance of color, aroma, and taste, with an elegant aroma and firm acidity that linger for a long time.
    White(Somewhat dry)/Alcohol content 12.5%
  • Yoshino-tei original shochu

    Yoshino-tei original shochu.

    This sweet potato shochu does not have the harshness of sweet potato shochu in its sweetness, aroma, richness, and smoothness.
    You can enjoy the refined fragrance and deep sweetness.

    barley shochu
    A barley shochu that is refreshing and easy to drink.