A relaxing and peaceful inn where you can enjoy the four seasons elegantly

A stand-alone inn nestled in the heart of the Minami Alps, overlooking the leisurely flow of the Tenryu River.
Mt. Mt Komagatake, Mt Utsugi, and the Tenryu River flowing like the name of a dragon.
Along with the appearance that changes with the seasons, you can enjoy the night view of the Tenryu River Boat Tour during the day and the Iida city area at night.
Enjoy a relaxing time with our thoughtful hospitality.
From small children to the whole family, please relax and enjoy yourself.


  • Minami Shinshu in early summer

    Flower season.*'
    From spring to early summer in Minami Shinshu, beautiful and pretty flowers bloom one after another.
    Flower season is just around the corner!
    Please go out before the end of the season.*'

    ■Flower Spots and Best Time to See Flowers Every Year
    ·Three-colored wisteria at Senryu-in Temple:~ Mid-May
    ·Iris and roses at Toyooka Iris Garden:~Early June
    ·Hydrangeas at Shinmyoji Temple:Mid-June to mid-July
    ·"Takato Shinwa no Oka Rose Garden":June to end of October

    ■Details of famous flower spots
    Please see the "Four Seasons of Minami Shinshu" page on our website.
  • Reservations from Official website are advantageous!

    If you make a reservation after registering as a member on our Official website, you can make a reservation with a "1,000 yen discount" per adult.
    If you register as a new member or log in as a member at the time of reservation, the discount will be applied.
    Please feel free to use it.


  • Notice of installation of electric vehicle EV charging station

    Thank you for your patronage of Yoshino-tei.
    We would like to inform you that we have installed two electric vehicle charging stations in our hotel's parking lot.
    If you wish to use this service, please make a reservation in advance as the number of seats is limited.
    Reservations can be made by phone (0265-29-8130).
    We hope that all of you who use EV cars will continue to patronize our hotel.
    Please enjoy a car trip in Minami Shinshu, where the climate is mild.
  • 【YouTube video】Yujiro Onishi, to Yoshino-tei!

    Yujiro Onishi is delivering on YouTube!
    Introduced Yoshino-tei
    Please see ^^
  • Guidance of job offer information

    Would you like to work with us at Yoshino-tei? !
    This facility is a hot spring inn located in Minami Shinshu, where the climate is mild.
    With the kind service manager, the young service manager, and the staff of each department,
    We are doing our best every day to be a ryokan that our guests will be happy to come to!
    Those who like people, those who like hot springs and delicious food, those who are looking for a job in a place with a mild climate, etc... , would you like to have fun working with us? !

    We have opened a job information page on our website.
    (Click the title to go to the job information page)
    We look forward to receiving your applications and inquiries!

Kaiseki cuisine with plenty of carefully selected seafood, mountain delicacies, and rural delicacies

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Guide within facilities

  • A lounge overlooking Minami Shinshu

    Through the glass windows on one side, Mt Utsugi can see Mt Komagatake, Tenryu River
    You can relax while enjoying the view of the calm flow of Tenryu River.
    Drinks such as coffee (*), newspapers, etc. are available.
    (※Drinks are a paid service.)
  • front desk

    We can also assist with check-in, luggage storage, and arrangements for boarding Tenryu River Boat Tour.
    Please feel free to ask us for information on nearby sightseeing spots.
  • Souvenir shop with souvenirs from Minami Shinshu for those who meet tomorrow

    A souvenir for your family or colleagues who you will meet tomorrow.
    How about bringing some souvenirs from Minami Shinshu along with your memories?
    We have a wide variety of sweets from Minami Shinshu, including items that you can only get in Iida.
    On your way back home, we can arrange a parcel delivery service for you.
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Hotel Name



1815 Shimohisakata Chikudaira, Iida City, Nagano Prefecture

Telephone number



Approximately 15 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway Iida IC.

■Shuttle service available(Advance reservation required)
We will pick you up at JR Ina-Yawata Station (about 5 minutes by car from the hotel).
Please make a reservation in advance.
※If you have any other requests, please be sure to contact us in advance.
We may not be able to respond to your request.Thank you for your understanding.

■Electric car EV charging station available(Advance reservation required)
If you wish to use this service, please make a reservation in advance as the number of seats is limited.
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